Hi Friends! I’m very new to this, which is probably obvious due to the lack of details and content, but I am hoping to add new posts weekly. So please stick around to see new changes and updates frequently. AND please be aware that things may be messy at times since I am learning as I go along.

Some of my posts may contain an affiliate link to products I love, which will always be stated if so, and this is one of the ways that I earn a commission from blogging and costs you nothing. Every purchase made through my links are a blessing to my blog and my family. Thank you for your support!

So without anymore disclaimers…. Here is my life!

My name is Chelsea Fore and I’ve been married to my high school beau Joshua since 2011. We have 3 little boys Cayson, Taydem, and Liam, and our whole world revolves around them and their happiness! We’ve lived in Texas most of our lives and lived in Oregon for a couple years after we go married. Which we LOVED!! But once we got pregnant with our 2nd boy we decided it was best to be closer to family, and ultimately chose to come back to Texas. We brought a little piece of Oregon back with us though, our dog Sasha!

I hope to post an array of content ranging from wife and momma life, cooking and diy, fashion and makeup, health and fitness, and to whatever else my heart desires. Maybe even some encouraging words and friendly advice!

And now that I feel like I am rambling, I’ll cut it short! This site is just a tid-bit of the things that I love and enjoy. It’s my place to share the life I live as a young wife and stay-at-home momma. I’m just winging it! My life. My eyeliner. Everything!



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